What Happened?

I have never claimed to have a green thumb.

In fact, I am quite terrible at taking care of plants.

Yet, I was amazed

at how long these plants in my bedroom have held up!
A miracle, huh?

Look at the palm back there…

how green and vibrant it is!

Oh, but things have changed!

Now look at it!

What happened?

It was doing so well

and now it has followed the footsteps

of so many plants in my home.

Now I could just replace it
with one of those palms I keep seeing
in every food store for $19.99 or so.
But the palm I had was a more expensive
Bamboo Palm
and could tolerate low light,
or so I thought.
What I need is a palm that can tolerate

So, rather than take a chance on another palm
which I am sure will be doomed from day one,
I was thinking of a different idea for the corner.

A screen…
Plantation Shutter Floor Screen
What do you think of this one?
It’s from Pier One.

It has that island shutter look.
And it’s not alive!

I am just not sure how it will look behind that chair.
Or do I even need anything back there?
Any ideas?
I am open for suggestions!


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  1. Oh, sorry about your palm! It could have been several reasons for its demise! The bright side…you have the screen, an excellent choice to fill the empty space! Hugs

  2. I know what you mean about not having a green thumb, I used to pretty much kill all my plants. Until, I got these plants from Home Depot that looks like it has large banana leaves and a Spathiphyllum Plant. I don't know the name of plant with the banana leaves, but they grow very tall and beautiful. They don't need much light and they are very hardy. Good Luck!

  3. I cannot keep houseplants alive either! I love the screen. I saw a very pretty one in an antique store the other day. Also, I have seen handy folks who have made one using discarded window shutters! Keep us posted!

  4. Sorry to hear your plant didn't make it! I was given a beautiful plant as a gift and it was doing great for over two years and i moved it to give it more sunlight & because it was up high i forgot to water it and it died. booo I love your screen idea!Lisa

  5. That poor pitiful plant. Sorry for the plant but good to know I am not the only person who is plant growing challenged. Honestly, I like the idea of the shutters even better. I think they would look great. I like the blue color you use in the room.——- Shannon

  6. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!HeatherVonSJ[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. I rather have the divider thingy §:-) I know how you feel with the greenies that don't survive longer that it use to do. The only plants/flowers I have are orchids and of course fresh flowers.Happy TTT…Greetings from STockholm,/chie

  8. I love the shutter screen idea!! I don't have a green thumb at all…, and no plant in my house!

  9. Yeah, I think the shutter is the way to go. There are only certain plants I am able to keep alive in my house and that corner is pretty dark. Let me see if I can find a cheaper screen with the same look though!

  10. I would not use the shutter. You need something interesting on the window wall…maybe an idea like this one… in a theme for you that is. I am in love with this and I cried when I saw it and read the story-well, to be honest I since my Daddy died on August 14-the day that WWII was declared over. He drove General Eisenhower onto the beaches of Normandy on D-Day-THAT DAY!f I want to make this for him-with a photo of him and his jeep that he drove the General around the European Theatre in. I have to find room in this house for a Daddy spot and a Mama spot. Mama gets the guest room and I think Daddy will get the loft or game room. Anyway, I like to have things on walls. BTW do you have a kitty? That looks like the damage that my dkitty does to my palms. : )Anyway, off track here! I would definitely use something on the wall…maybe a shutter with something hanging or a ladder or well, lots of things would go. I love your navy!

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