What Exit?

New Jersey, what a reputation!  The state has really become a cliche’ over the years with shows like Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives of NJ and of course the infamous question when you meet people; “You’re from NJ – What Exit?”  I swear everyone who asks that genuinely thinks they are being so clever by saying it…fools! 

I wonder if people from Seattle hate it every time the city is shown on TV with someone throwing a big fish in a market… or if the people from Philadelphia cringe when someone brings up Philly Cheese Steaks?!!

Let me let you in on a secret..New Jersey is awesome!  It may not be the Caribbean (but then again, what is?).  New Jersey is not all factories, cities, airports, malls…We have great towns, nice people (unless you are a gangster- lol), some of the best schools in the country, plenty of culture, beautiful countryside, scenic mountains and river towns, a huge coastline of diverse beaches and we are driving distance from New York City and Philadelphia.  What more could you want? 

There are so many people who were born and raised here;  Most of us are familiar with Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi and Thomas Edison but did you know that Martha Stewart, Meryl Street, John Travolta and Michael Douglas are among the many people born and raised here?

Just this past weekend we went to a Christmas parade in the little quaint town of Clinton.  

You might recognize this famous mill in Clinton.  It has been in many advertisements over the years…

And we also took the kids to the Bucks County Playhouse in the beautiful river town of New Hope, Pennsylvania.  (right across the river from Lambertville, NJ).

Like I said in an earlier post, last weekend we were at the Jersey Shore.  Since the state is pretty small, we are an easy drive from so many attractions. 

It just cracks me up that the state has such a bad reputation! 

Well, now you know why I love living here.  Would you like to share any of your New Jersey experiences? 

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  1. As I read this post I had to smile. I was born in NJ (should I tell you Passaic?, my mom is from there), raised in RI, and havelived in MA for most of my adult life. To this day, due to my 'accent' (I must have one as enough notice it) people will ask "Are you from New Jersey?" And, I proudly answer, "Why, yes, I am." My memories are fond, of my grandmother's cool old Victorian home, wrapping around a corner of two busy streets, flanked by bluestone – yes – bluestone sidewalks. Which, by the way, we used often (as she didn't drive) to visit the corner deli (owned by two brothers who knew her name!) for fresh bagels (the salt ones were the best!) a hefty block of cream cheese, and, scrumptious smoked salmon. To this day, I can taste it! Someday I plan on driving down to Cape May during spring or fall migration, to take in the lovely scenery and do some birding. There is certainly MUCH to NJ – Princeton comes immediately to mind – to name drop and be proud of. PS I know the real Jersey shore is spectacular!

  2. I totally laughed when I read this… I'm from Seattle, and everyone always asks if it rains as much as they're led to believe… which it doesnt. Or if I say I'm from Washington, I have to specify that I mean the state, not DC. Or the worst one? I was asked one time if there's really a hospital named Seattle Grace (from Grey's Anatomy). I personally LOVE Pike Place Market… I always come home with a big huge bouquet of flowers, but I think the fish throwing guys are overrated. ps- thanks for the comment! i can't wait to read more of your posts!!

  3. HelloWe used to live in NJ before moving to Ontario, Canada and we loved the location there – NJ is close to the shore and mountains and of course NYC. It is a beautiful state!

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