A Week of Reviews – A Concert

This week I will be posting a week of reviews.

Monday through Friday I am going to write a review each day.

Ok – so Monday thru Friday is just 5 days
so just think of it as a “business week” of reviews!

My first review of the week is a concert review.

Last Wednesday, my sister and I had a night out
 at the Allentown Fairgrounds in Allentown, PA

to see the Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger concert!

Some Allentown trivia…
Allentown, PA is an old steel town made famous
by the Billy Joel song, “Allentown”.
The Allentown Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the US
which started as an agricultural fair in 1852.
They started hosting concerts in the 1960’s,
and in fact I saw my very first concert there:
The Captain and Tennille!


As you may know,

I am a big Journey fan.

I have followed them over the years

through several lead singers and changes.

I have always enjoyed their music

and the concerts have always been a lot of fun.

Wednesday was a beautiful evening and the fairgrounds were packed.

We didn’t have time to eat dinner before we left so

we grabbed some pizza at the fairgrounds.

I swear, I have never seen such a collection

of greasy, artery clogging food stands in my life!

It makes me want to start my own business of healthy food stands.

Imagine it now, “Hey, I will meet your over at The Arugula!”

I would serve only healthy foods like salads and wraps.

Why doesn’t anyone do this?

Anyway, back to the concert…

Our seats were in the 4th row.

I always have to be close to the stage during concerts

to fully enjoy the show!

My husband knows this

and is always so sweet and gets me good seats.

Of course with the recent stage collapses at outdoor concerts,

my sister and I were a little leary of being so close!

Luckily, the night was clear and no signs of any wind gusts.

Knight Ranger opened and they rocked the stage!

We knew all the songs they played and they had a lot of energy.

Dean Castronova (the drummer from Journey)

even joined in on a song.

 (Not in this picture.)

Then Foreigner hit the stage and stole the show!

Lead Singer, Kelly Hansen blew us away with his vocals.

Mick Jones was absent due to illness but that didn’t stop Foreigner.

One of the Night Ranger guys filled in for him.

Kelly was all over the place, ran through the audience

 and bounced all over the stage.

I swear I was ready for him to start “crowd surfing”!

Then there was Tom Gimbel on sax!

What a musician.

We were in awe of this man’s talent!

The crowd was wild!

I was already sweaty by the time they left the stage.

I think everyone forgot that Journey was still up next!

But then all of a sudden…

Huge beachballs appeared in the crowd.

Simultaneously, Journey appeared on stage.

But the beachballs were so big and kept hitting everyone in the head

that no one could even pay attention to Journey.

It was quite annoying

and unfortunately forshaddowed the rest of the show.

Finally, we got rid of the annoying balls,

but the concert didn’t really improve after that.

Sure, Journey played a ton of hits,

Sure, we sang along and enjoyed ourselves.

But they just didn’t have the same spark they used to have.

They all played like they were just there to do a job.

And everything seemed quite predictable.

Now, of course,

 I have seen them way too many times than I would like to admit.

But I don’t think that was it.

They were just “off” that night.

And it didn’t help that Arnel (the lead singer)

was jumping around on stage like a monkey on speed.

Sure, he had energy, but in an annoying way!

(I couldn’t even get a clear picture of him!)

Now, don’t get me wrong,

I am not one of those Journey fans who thinks Journey

is nothing without Steve Perry.

In fact, Steve Augeri, the previous lead singer,

 did a great job in that position.

It’s just that Arnel seemed to be trying too hard,

and the rest of the band…not enough.

But they are still Journey.

And I still love them.

Everyone is entitled to an off night.

Just don’t do it again, guys!

Did you go to any concerts this summer?

So, that wraps up my first review of the week.

Check in tomorrow to see what’s next…

Yes, I am sure you are on the edge of your seat!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Love Journey but I just can never see them live without Steve Perry as the lead. He was Journey!

  2. I love Journey as well and saw Steve Augeri and thought he did an amazing job. I have not seen the new guy yet. I miss Steve Perry in all honesty but what do you do. I am glad that Foreigner and Night Ranger were good and you had a good time.xo

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