A Week of Reviews – A Book

Today I am reviewing a wonderful book.

Deep Down True

by Juliette Fay

This was one of my end of the summer beach-reads

and it managed to fit many of my

“qualifications” for a good beach book as listed HERE.

Deep Down True is a heartfelt novel about personal growth, family, forgiveness and the relationships that shape our lives.  The storyline and the characters feel real and believable and the author makes it easy for anyone to relate to their challenges of everyday life.

Dana, the mother in the novel is dealing with a divorce, after being left by her husband for a younger woman.  Dana is in her mid forties, trying her best to raise two children, Morgan, age 12 and Grady, age 7.  She is always kind to everyone, goes out of her way to help people, makes meals for a family in need and even takes in her teenage niece to live with her when she shows up one day.  She is faced with the typical money troubles, the demands of single motherhood and the stresses of beginning a dating life again.  Always trying her best, she worries a lot and second guesses herself and her decisions.  Through the book, she works at tackling problems head on and learning how to be true to herself. 

Anyone who feels overwhelmed and tries to be everything to everyone can relate to her character.  She had me thinking about how I would handle similar situations and made me think about what is really important in life.  The book was filled with true-to-life dialogue, sprinkled with humor and thought provoking comments.  I love it when I really care about the characters and that is how I felt with this novel. 

I felt I could relate to the book especially since my parents divorced when I was 8 or 9.  I thought about how that experience shaped me and how important it is for parents to be conscious about their actions during this difficult time for their children.  I was able to look at the book from both the childrens’ point of view and also sympathize with the adults.

Deep Down True was truly an enjoyable book

and I look forward to reading Juliette Fay’s first novel, Shelter Me.

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Have you read any novels that really “speak” to you?

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