Visiting the Kitchen

Today we are going to take a look at my kitchen.

This is basically what it looks like

minus the plants on top of the cabinets

that I removed recently.

Here is the eating area

when it was set for the

End of Winter Tablescape

And my baker’s rack decorated for

Last Year’s Spring Bakers Rack

When we moved in

(1999) this is what the room looked like:

We used to have Corian beige countertops,
a black stovetop (for some reason)
beige appliances, builder white walls,
no window treatments or even grids in the windows,
no backsplash and a different faucet.

Not that this is my dream kitchen in any way,
(I would change the yellowed cabinets in a second!)
but as you can see, we added Uba Tuba granite,
tumbled stone backsplash,
(which my neighbor just informed me is now dated),
stainless appliances and faucet,
window treatments (which I want to change again)
and Monroe Bisque paint on the walls.

(My backsplash)

So, that is how my kitchen has changed over the years.
Since it is the room that I am in most of the day,
I am always wanting to change something in here.
If I win the lottery, I will.
I guess I would have to actually play the lottery to win though!

How has your kitchen changed over the years?

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  1. Why on earth would your neighbour say that?! If you love it, it's always in style.My kitchen is about to be overhauled, not sure exactly what I'm going to do yet, but I'm tired of how dark it is with no windows to let in natural light. Stay tuned!!

  2. Well you tell your neighbor that nothing is dated if you like it! How ridiculous.BTW you can always paint those cabinets if you want to. I painted our cabinets last year — they were only 7 years old, but I was craving a change, and I'm so glad I did it.Your kitchen is a great shape — lots of good work space. Love it as it is, my Jersey friend! Cass

  3. What a nice big kitchen you have, Shelley! Tons of counterspace too. I concur with Cass… can always paint your cabs if you're tired of them! You've made so many great improvements. I feel like updating is neverending, don't you? 🙂

  4. Nice neighbor! Most people would die for a kitchen like yours! I'm in the home staging business and your kitchen would SELL your house! Love the black countertops. XO Cindy

  5. I know you will be hearing a lot of this today. If you love it IS in style. Someone needs a lesson in good manners or at least tact.Everyone says oak cabinets are out of style but I absolutely love mine. I love the color and the beautiful grain. I think your kitchen is great. Very well laid out and it must be great to work in.I hopped over because you have the same style chair that I have. I love the country french look. The table is great.

  6. I would LOVE to have that much space in my kitchen. It looks great. Our house is more than 100 years old with a kitchen to match. 😉 We have remodeled a little, but without adding on, there isn't much to do. Plus it came with these great old marble countertops that we don't want to lose.

  7. Is your neighbor an interior decorator by any chance?!…maybe I can ask her or him some decor ideas, lol! People should have tact and more so, manners, specially if their not been asked! Your kitchen is gorgeous and big with lots of counter space, anyone would love to work in it. Thanks for sharing.FABBY

  8. I am just cracking up over all of your comments about what my neighbor said! You girls are too funny! My neighbor is in the process of redoing her kitchen at the moment so I think she just thought she was being "helpful" with her comment. But I must say, I do still love my tumbled marble! -Shelley

  9. Neighbors! What do they know? Probably just jealous! Like what you've done — it's a room that is the real "heart" of your home!

  10. Take your project one things at a time! One day maybe you'll be able to get new cabinets too! Looks good so far! xoxo,Amanda

  11. Personally, I love your backsplash. Your kitchen looks a great deal like mine – similar cabinets, countertops and appliances. I love the countertops and the look of the appliances, but like you, I could take or leave my cabinets.

  12. We are still in the middle of the kitchen remodel. Everything just takes so darn long. Ignore your neighbor. I love your kitchen!

  13. Your kitchen is to die for.Thanks for sharing.Hope to see you on my blog:)

  14. I had to chuckle about your neighbor. Arent people funny? And the uba tuba granite is my husbands favorite and that's what he wants to do. Oh and we have the same backsplash, I guess we are outdated to. But I am ready to change it. However, my kitchen is outdated and I have hated it before we bought the house but with it being the most expensive remodel, I to will have to win the lottery and I will also have to play to be able to do that. Oh well, life goes on. I enjoyed your post. Have a great day.

  15. Shelley, your kitchen is very nice so don't be influenced by the opinion of the neighbor. I guess I would have to know her before assuming that she meant to say something demeaning. I can imagine how in a discussion something might be said that could sound rude but was not intended to be that way. It sounds like you didn't take the comment too seriously and that is good since you are neighbors. We are trying to decide whether to paint our cabinets, too. This house was built the same year you moved into your house. It's time for some freshening up but that is a scary decision, I think. Anyway, thanks for joining the party this week.Shannon

  16. Something is always "out of Style" according to some. So people should change their kitchens every year, cause that's about as long as it is in!I think it is lovely, and there is nothing wrong with your cabinets! I think when people paint their cabinets it looks cheap, and then they chip.Enjoy your kitchen it is lovely!Here from COzy Home Scenes.

  17. It’s true that formica countertops are cheaper than the others. Their price actually depends on the edge style, pattern, backsplash and installation cost. The latest innovation on this material is replicating the look of many natural stones such as granite and marble.

  18. Random neighbor comments are the best! j/k That's crazy. I think it's lovely. I love the improvements you've made because they're realistic. Not all of us have the budget (or time) to reno, but it's amazing in your kitchen what a different the cumulative changes have made.

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