Two Hours Later…

Not that I plan on doing a million posts today,

but I just had to post a couple pictures

of how things have progressed

over the past two hours.

I guess I should bring in those mums,

although if I leave them out

I can blame the weather on their demise!

I guess I should have covered the deck furniture.

Now I am starting to worry about the trees.

They still have so many leaves on them

 and are starting to bend.

Crazy, crazy weather…

Is anyone else getting this snow?

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  1. Shelley, we had it yesterday and are awaiting 6-12" tonight. Really Mother Nature???? Your front door looks pretty with a frosting of snow though!

  2. I am getting the snow as well. We are up to about 5 inches now. Unfortunately my trees are bending the same way too since they haven't lost their leaves.

  3. Yikees, that is a lot of snow girl! We are up here in Ontario and I think that snow will be heading our way soon. Diane

  4. No, Shelley, only YOU are getting the snow. Mother Nature has it in for you. Hahahahahahaha… sorry, couldn't resist.We've got about 6 inches already, and the weight of the snow assassinated our lilac tree — ALL the main trunks broke right in half.I also posted pics on my blog — this is just amazing.Cass

  5. I can't believe it – I just posted about how lovely your fall front entrance was – I think yesterday – and now this! Crazy!Best Wishes,Lindabeachside cottage(PS-Hi Noelle – I haven't been able to access your blog – what is the link again? Love your decor photos!)

  6. Hi Shelley! I was thinking of you when I saw on tv all the snow back East!! I told my husband, "Can you believe that it's snowing across the country, and here it is sunny and warm enough to wear shorts?". Boy, weather sure is crazy, isn't it?

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