Tuesday the 11th

Every September 11th,

I end up turning on the TV

as they read the names

of the people we lost.

Even if the TV is just on in the background

as I go about my morning routine,

I hear the names

and my heart breaks for those people all over again.

This morning is a beautiful, clear, sunny day.

It reminds me so much of that morning back in 2001.

And September 11th falls on a Tuesday this year.

We live about an hour from New York City so needless to say,

I will never forget that morning.

Even though we didn’t lose any close family or friends,

we lived through hours of fear until we heard from loved ones.

We thought we lost my sister in law

who worked on one of the top floors.

It was a miracle

that she happened to be meeting a client for breakfast

in the Marriot on the first floor that morning.

But we didn’t know that for several hours

until we finally heard from her.

She had even been in her office earlier that morning

and it was the last time she saw so many of her co-workers.

I know today is hard for her

as it is each year.

We will never forget.

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  1. So many close calls that day. I don't think any of us will ever forget where we were and the events unfolding that morning 11 years ago on a sunny day just like this one.

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