Fall Mantel 2012

I finally got around to updating my mantel today. The beachy-shell theme wasn’t really working for me on this brisk October day! I hung a round mirror that has been sitting around here for the past few months. I worked with the black from the mirror and dove into the typical Halloween black and orange….

A Strange Halloween

Well, about an hour after I posted my snow pictures on Saturday, we lost power. And we FINALLY got it back a few hours ago! For someone who keeps her heat set at 70 degrees most of the time, it was not fun when the temperature dropped to 54 in the house. We had to…

How to Spook the Neighbors

When Halloween comes around in my neighborhood, we tend to go a bit overboard. For instance: This arrived on my doorstep last night. Every year, we “spook” each other with surprise gift baskets or bags filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies!  Usually, the treats are geared towards the kids but this year, someone thought…