St. Lucia Hotel

So, for the train wreck finale of the Bachelor last night,

Juan Pablo stayed at the gorgeous Cap Maison in St. Lucia.


I swear that island must have had a burst of new hotel development over the years.  I never remember St. Lucia having so many stunning places to stay when I was planning my last vacation!  Then again, our last several Caribbean vacations included the kids so a condo in the Caymans seemed more family friendly!

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Anyway, I really have to investigate St. Lucia a little more.  Not only was I impressed with all the luxury accommodations but I just fell in love with the scenery!  With the winter we have endured in the northeast, I loved having a beautiful Caribbean island to drool over these past few weeks.

After all, the traveling is the real reason I watch The Bachelor, you know…


Check out the Cap Maison website for more details on this breathtaking resort!  Love, love love it!  (At least someone is feeling love since Juan Pablo sure wasn’t!)

If you want to see the other hotels seen on The Bachelor this season, check out my previous post, St. Lucia on the Bachelor.

I can’t wait to see where they travel on The Bachelorette this season!  So happy to see Andi as the new Bachelorette too!

**For some fun Bachelor chat – head over to Office Stace to read Stacey’s latest recap on the show.  She is a huge Bachelor fan and to top it off, she just gave birth to a beautiful girl – right on Bachelor Finale Monday!  Congratulations Stacey!

Did you watch this season?

Did you fall in love with St. Lucia too?

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  1. We honeymooned in St Lucia and went back for our 5 year anniversary. It had gone downhill so much in those 5 years – was so sad. I guess they have had a rebound!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, I love your style and all the projects you do. Thank you again for your inspiration, because of you I have a beautiful coffee table too! Happy New Year and I look forward to more inspiring posts in 2014.Design For A Small Family

  3. Absolutely I watched this season of the Bachelor – my TV watching is in the gutter. Bigtime. St. Lucia did look absolutely beautiful – have never been but would love to visit!

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