Simple Sock Sort

If your family is like mine, your kids are constantly looking for socks to throw on as they dash out the door.  Our problem is that socks disappear somewhere between the laundry room and the sock drawer in the bedroom.  Then everyone ends up running around in a panic when they are trying to make the bus on time.

Our simple solution…

Sock Basket

The sock basket.  I know, amazing, right?  Like no one ever thought of this one before!  But seriously, this works for us for a couple of reasons.

For one – it helps me take care of this mess right away…

Sock sorting solution

This is usually how the socks end up after we take them out of the dryer.  I used to attempt to find the matches, roll them and put them in the appropriate pile to be carried to the boys’ rooms.  But like I said, somewhere on the way upstairs, the socks just disappear!  I know our dog, Rosie does steal a few now and then but unless she has a secret stash somewhere, I cannot hold her responsible for all the missing socks.

Sock sort

Apparently, this sock journey up a flight of stairs was just too difficult for the socks to handle, so I started keeping a basket on top of the washer to hold them.  Now I just roll and toss.  Kind of like – stop, drop and roll.  I stop, roll and toss…(lame I know.)

Basket of socks

Now the socks are all in one place.  The boys can get dressed and grab a pair of socks right before they put on their shoes to leave.  We already keep their shoes in the laundry room.  Why not add the socks too?  Not a perfect solution because now I always have a basket full of socks in there but it makes my life so much easier!  And when you are a mom of two active boys, you are always looking for ways to make life easier!

My boys wear almost the same sized shoes already even though they are 2 1/2 years apart.  (That little one is going to be a giant!).  I have been buying the same sized socks for them so basically, now they just have to grab a pair and go.  No more complaining that the other one took all his ‘good’ socks or whining that they can’t find any in their drawers.

Sock Basket in Laundry Room

The sock basket also works for me because it hides those ugly hoses behind the washing machine!  Why do they have to be such eyesores?  I have attempted at Disguising the Uglies in the past with other baskets and things so we will see how this works out.  So far, so good.  We have been using the basket for a couple months now and I don’t hear as much complaining…about socks that is.  They complain about plenty of other things…(they’re tweens!)

Do you have any simple sock sorting tips?

Simple Sock Sorting Tip


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  1. I had three active boys. I used to buy different styled socks from different companies…so I and they, knew who's socks were who's! Then I'd put folded clothes on their beds…and they had to put their clothes away. All I remember was, there was always a ton of laundry! Your idea is a great one…especially since their shoes are already there! 😉

  2. You are so smart…great idea!Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!Blessings,Cindy

  3. Great idea!! I have two active boys (also 2 and a half years apart) who are always looking for their socks!! I'm so doing this!! Thank you!

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