Shopping in Short Hills

I have been on constant doggie-duty for the past month.

So on Saturday, my husband surprised me by

taking care of the boys

and the dog

so I could have a relaxing day to myself.

If I had known about this little treat ahead of time

I would have booked a massage or something.

But instead I headed to Short Hills Mall.

The most fabulous mall in New Jersey!

I could barely contain my excitement

as I parked the car and headed in for a day of shopping.

Back in the days when I worked outside the home,

my office was only 9 minutes from here.

Ahh…those were the days…

Of course, at this mall,

I knew I would be doing a lot more window shopping

than actually buying

but that was fine with me.

Anything is better than

running around the yard after a pooping puppy!

Short Hills Mall mixes high end stores such as






Restoration Hardware…

With more realistic stores such as



Pottery Barn…

See the full directory here:

Short Hills Mall Directory

The mall is about 30 minutes outside of New York City

but in New Jersey

we don’t pay sales tax on clothing

so you get the best of both worlds.

After trying on some shoes I couldn’t afford

in Nordstrom,

I headed to Restoration Hardware

to view their new pieces in person.

Check out their entrance…

What a gorgeous store!

Lots of grays…

Needless to say,

I couldn’t afford anything there.

But it sure was fun to look!

Then I headed to Pottery Barn!

More grays here…

And some reds too.

I spent the day in dressing rooms

and I took my time soaking in the beautiful displays.

I only bought a colorful scarf at the Gap

and a monogrammed mug at Anthropologie for my friend.

But having time to myself to just drool over gorgeous things

made the trip worth it!

Do you have any great malls

or shopping centers you visit as a treat to yourself?

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  1. It's so cute that you spent the whole day in the mall and only bought a couple things! I agree, though, just wandering aimlessly can be SUCH a welcome break! I actually do it pretty regularly when I get a babysitter.

  2. Ooh that shop looks divine!! Glad you had a little 'me' time, I know that all the puppy business can be exhausting! xo K

  3. Glad you had some time off, a perfect outing! I'm sure you were greeted with by a puppy who missed you!

  4. Good for you! It looks like you had a fantastic day. I was in our local Restoration Hardware recently too and wanted to take home so many things with me!

  5. I wish soosooooo much that we had a Restoration Hardware in the UK. So jealous!!! It looks utterly gorgeously yummy!Sarahx

  6. So glad you got a free day to yourself. Rosie is so adorable. I might have to avoid your blog for a while b/c she makes me want a puppy! I canNOT have a puppy!

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