Rosewood Resorts

I would love to tell you I have been away all week on vacation!
Unfortunately, I have just been very busy
 with not more than 5 minutes here and there
 to check out a blog or add a Pin or two!

But, I did find a new resort to add to my travel wish list…

Just in case you missed Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette,

I will fill you in where Emily and her group of “suitors” vacationed.

They stayed on the beautiful island of Bermuda

in the gorgeous Rosewood Resort called Tucker’s Point.

Well I must say, after seeing the resort on TV,

I know where I will be staying on my next trip to Bermuda!

Part of the reason I love that show so much

is because I get to check out all the luxurious travel accommodations!

And when I scrolled through the Rosewood Hotels website,

I was reminded that I have stayed
in some lovely Rosewood Hotels – BK, (before kids).

As you may remember from a previous post,

I was absolutely smitten by Jumby Bay, Antigua!

And a few years earlier,

we stayed at Caneel Bay  in St. John

and Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda.

It almost took my breath away to look at those websites!

I would love to go back to any of those amazing places!

And if we do decide to bring the kids with us,
they have a kids program called “Rose Buds”!
Rosebud is the name of our puppy!
It’s like we are meant to go!…

Have you stayed in any Rosewood resorts?

Have you been watching the Bachelorette?

I have decided that Emily should pick Arie or Sean.

I think Sean is my favorite

but I can already see that she is falling for Arie.

And I think Ryan is walking on thin ice.

My guess is that the producers convinced Emily

to keep him around for drama…

I haven’t had time to blog all week

but I made time to watch and talk about that ridiculous show!

Why do I love it so much?!!


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  1. Heather
    June 10, 2012 / 3:14 pm

    I have never been to Bermuda! After seeing these photos, I think that I need to go! 🙂

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