Opinions Needed For My Fireplace

Now that I have shown you my family room in a couple of posts,

I thought it would be fun to get your opinions of what to do with my mantel!

We still have our “builder special” fireplace

and I have been wanting to change it for years!

(Probably since the day we moved in!)

As you might recall,

my kitchen opens up to the family room.

Here is how the kitchen looks in case you forgot or never saw it:

In my fantasyworld,

I rip out these cabinets

and completely redo the kitchen with white cabinets.

Probably won’t happen!

And after how long it took me to paint my bathroom cabinet,

I probably won’t be painting these either!

I am not as skilled as most of you bloggers out there!


since the kitchen cabinets

 will probably look like that for awhile,

I have to consider that when changing the mantel.

I could take the more economical route

and just paint the mantel white.

But with the honey colored cabinets in the kitchen

and medium tones of wood in the family room,

would the white look out of place?

Here is a similar wall color with a white mantel.
 via Pinterest

Or should I put the word “Mantel”

on my Christmas list
and hope that Santa agrees to what I really want…
a stone fireplace!!

Here are some that I love:

Choice #1

stone on fireplace
Stone and white mantel combo.
(Pinterest from
(Sorry for the small size – I couldn’t blow it up.)

Choice #2
Pinned Image
Love the stacked stone here.
(Pinterest from

Choice #3
Pinned Image
I love the rustic country look here.
(Pinterest from

I really can’t expand the size of my fireplace

because of the windows and doorway on either side

but I think I could just replace what I have with stone.

Which do you think would look best?
Or maybe you have your own suggestion…?

If Santa doesn’t leave me a stone one,

would just painting the mantel white work?

I appreciate your opinions!


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  1. Your mantel is lovely the way it is, however out of the 3 choices I lean more toward fireplace #3…I love fieldstone, so very rustic. Diane

  2. Given that your trim is white painting your mantle would look great. I too like the fieldstone.Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers dear friend.

  3. The stone would look great. If I couldn't have that, I would probably leave it the beautiful honey wood. Painting lovely wood like that kind of scares me! 🙂

  4. I love love choices 1 & 2. I love to paint…if I lived closer I would totally help you paint those kitchen cabinets. Its pretty now, but some white/distressed cabinets…wow!By the way…I just love your house. Keep the pics coming. :)xoxo,

  5. The stone is beautiful! I love that look too and I think the mantel white would be beautiful too. I know it is so hard to decide. I love browsing photos and see what I am attracted to the most in each photo, maybe that will help too. Have fun and your home is so lovely.xoxo

  6. Thanks Ladies! I love getting opinions from all you bloggers with great taste! I am still thinking and will let you know what I decide…-Shelley

  7. I don't think a white mantel would look out of place at all. The stone is absolutely beautiful, too!You could totally paint those kitchen cabinets, I think you would love it!

  8. I like choices #1 and #2. I don't think that it would look out of place if you painted the mantel and surround white. Your home is lovely though, just as is!!

  9. I would also paint the mantle white 🙂 Of course, I think white would be lovely in the kitchen, but whew, what an undertaking! xo

  10. Hi, We are currently going through making the same decision. I like the first 2 pictures posted. And I agree with the others, you have beautiful white trim; I would go with the white mantel so that it pops from the stonework. However, I can see why you would like to keep the mantel wood due to your kitchen cabinets coloring the same. Both are lovely. From Jersey Girl

  11. Mt fire place mantle was very similar to yours. We painted it White and took out the insert and found a nice cover instead. I absolutely loved the new look so much better, the oak was out dated. I can send you a after pic, I don't have a before one.

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