One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

So the other day I officially declared

a couple of small goals for January:

1.  Change the baskets

 on top of my laundry room cabinets to something black.

2.  Find a solution for Mr. C’s shoe mess

under the utility tub in the laundry room.

I figured I would either paint the baskets I had

and add new liners

or just buy new baskets.

Luckily, (or so I thought), 

I was able to find baskets which I loved

in Marshall’s today

so I took the easy way out and bought them!

But when I got them home and put them on top,

I was not happy. 

First of all, I should have gone a size smaller

because they were kind of squished up there.

Second of all, I was not exactly thrilled with how they looked.

I thought I wanted black up there

but I think the black draws too much attention

to an area that I just wanted to just blend in.

Now you walk in and look up right away

because of the sharp contrast between the black and the white cabinets. 



First I thought the dust covered fake plant

was messing up the look.

So I threw a lantern up there.

That only made things worse…

So needless to say,

I took them down

and now plan on returning the baskets tomorrow.

But before I did,

I tried one of the baskets below the utility tub

to see how the shoes would look:

Well, it does neaten the area up a bit,

and I do like the basket

but realistically,

is my husband really going to neatly pile his shoes in this basket?

Yes, another solution is definitely needed there.

So I am back to square one,

but the worst part was that my mistakes caused me to face the facts

on something else in this room…

I hate the wall color. 

The walls are Benjamin Moore, Providence Olive

which is a fine color but not the color I want in here.

I think I want to go really light or go more of a beachy tan color. 

Am I insane or what?

So now I am obsessing over the color.

AND I have no idea what I am doing

on top of the cabinets

or below the sink.

Wow, that was a great update.

Aren’t you glad you stopped by to check out absolutely nothing?

How are your projects coming?

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  1. Shelley, I have the same problem as you when it comes to decorating a cabinet top. To me it's almost like doing a mantle which I have to keep adding and taking things away until I'm satisfied. Good luck with the shoe storage. It can be a challenge sometimes for the male specie to learn the importance of organization. Thanks for joining my party, I really appreciate your participation.———Shannon

  2. It gave me a good laugh, nice to know I'm in good company! I could just see my husband putting dirty shoes in the basket!

  3. When we had space above our cabinets in our old house I never knew what to put up there but now I obsess about the wall space that we have above them in this house. I completely understand and go from one thing to another and of course one wall color to another. 🙂 Oh and I have a mat for shoes but do they make it there, nope, they all lay right next to it, UGH!xoxox

  4. Shelley, I love the black baskets. But, I agree with the top of the cabinet dilema. I have huge issues with mine also. As far as the shoe thing, I make hubby (or at least I try to make him) pull his shoes off in the garage. But, if your not happy with the wall color, probably nothing is going to satisfy you until you paint the walls. You want me to send you a paint brush? I have plenty, lol.

  5. Ok I am going to be no help at all….but I like the black baskets up there and the color on the walls!! :)) Sorry I'm no help!!

  6. I agree with the others…love the black baskets up there…think they "pop". I just redid the top of my kitchen cabinets, have to keep telling myself "less is more!" Rachel Beal

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