The Off Season

We spent this past weekend at the Jersey Shore before my inlaws closed up the house for the winter.  I thought the kids would be bored without going to the beach but they actually loved it.

Lucky Leo’s arcade in Seaside Heights was open.

I couldn’t get them away from all the video games.

It was so quiet and peaceful there without all the summer people.  And luckily Snooki and the gang were nowhere to be found…

But we did find some beautiful swans in the bay.

We got pretty close trying to feed them.

Then the seagulls swarmed in and it was like a scene out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

We had to back up a little because when the bread ran out, the swans still wanted more!

And that was about all the excitement we had at the beach!Overall, it was a nice, peaceful weekend but with the winter still ahead of us, I am already longing for the days of relaxing on the beach in the hot sun! 

Have you had any experiences visiting any beach towns in the off season?

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