Not So Lazy Days of Summer

Keeping the darlings busy during summer vacation is not very hard.
Keeping them from whining and fighting with each other can be!

Camp doesn’t start for a couple of weeks so this in-between period

can be wonderful

as well as stressful.

We’ve been to
the beach,
the pool,
the library
friends houses
the bowling alley…
and that was just before lunch – LOL!

But seriously,

the first few days they want to do EVERYTHING!

My boys are best friends…

most of the time.

But like most kids,

they need some distractions to keep them from fighting.

Luckily, they each have separate things they like to do.

my little darling is always looking for ways to get on the Wii!

My big darling is a little more mature and actually likes to do chores.

(Well he does want to be paid though..)

One recent chore was to clean out

 and change the gravel in the hermet crab’s cage.

Another was to help me hang the flag.

And another was to fill the bird feeder.

Of course,

 he decided it would be “nice” for the birds to

have a little extra.

And those who missed the feeder

AND the railing,

could just eat right off the deck!

I may have been annoyed with the mess…

but the birds sure were happy this morning!

Meanwhile in the basement….

I have a love/hate relationship with the Wii.

Sometimes I love it when I am making dinner

and the boys are getting along while playing together.

But I hate the Wii

when I can’t get them away from it…

and I am yelling for them to go take baths or just


Ironically, this morning

I came across the cutest post from Laura at

Decor to Adore

She has an adorable solution for controlling the Wii!
Go check it out!

The most important thing I have to remember is
they are only kids for such a short period of time!
I have to cherish every moment
because before I know it,
they will be asking for keys to the car!

Well, we are off to the library…

What are you doing
with your kids this summer?

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  1. Sounds like you're having a fun summer so far! My oldest daughter just got back from spending 2 weeks in France, my son is taking fencing lessons, and my youngest is finishing up a week of camp! I love summer. Although I have to keep everyone busy, it's much more enjoyable then the schedules of the school year! 🙂

  2. Oh thank you so much for the shoutout!I hope the system works as well for you. You may want to have two seperate types of tokens for your boys.

  3. Wow – you're staying busy!! It all looks like fun though :O)I hope you & your family have a wonderful 4th of July weekend.Hugs,Marie

  4. What a fun mom you are! Your house sounds like my house this summer. I made a promise to my kids that we would do at least one fun activity each day while they're on vacation.I actually love playing games on the wii- with my kids, of course! Nothing makes me feel cooler than "you rock" at the end of Guitar Hero!

  5. My kids are grown but I remember those summers when they were home as some of the best ever. I really wish I could go back in time and do it again. Enjoy every minute…

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