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Since Melissa over at HOUSEography is having another one of her famous House Tour parties, I thought I would join in with some photos of my Caribbean Inspired Living Room.  You may have seen some of the pictures if you follow my blog, so I added in a couple extra just so you guys won’t get bored!

Make sure you go check out her amazing blog,
Her Living Room is amazing!

Here are some photos of my Living Room

at different times of the day and year.

Here is a recent shot showing the morning light streaming in.

I love walking past this room in the early morning.

Here are some late afternoon shots from last year.

And since we all love before and afters…

Here is a picture while the house was still being built in 1999!

Here is that same angle a year or two ago.

My Caribbean inspired chair from Ethan Allen.

An tropical wall hanging.

A Caribbean influenced Living Room must have a globe.

Which island shall we visit next?

The Ethan Allen British Classics Collection has some great island details.

Another flashback… 

Here is how the room looked before I added the rug, pictures, etc…


And here is a more recent shot with the rug.

The rug is from Nourison.

It picks up all the colors from the room.

Not the best background color for kids,

 but luckily they don’t bring food in here!

Here are some simple Christmas decorations from this past year.

In this shot you can see the cane on the top of the table.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Now go over and add your own Living Room or Library to Melissa’s House Tour Party!


See you there!

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  1. Love the windows, love the light, love the palm, love the pool table in the adjoining room! Looks great :)I wish I could keep kids out of our formal…impossible!

  2. Your living room is so clean and crisp…you get the feeling some tropical breezes are going to be flowing thru as soon as you open the windows. You've done a great job!

  3. Oh, I can feel the balmy breeze coming in from those windows and hear the native drums in the distance. What a peaceful environment you have created for your family, simply wonderful.

  4. Your home is so very lovely – beautiful job. The rug really does pull everything together, doesn't it? Perfect choice.

  5. It's so gorgeous! I love your windows and that big beautiful palm tree. I really love the view across the entry into the red dining room! Beautiful!

  6. Your living room is so beautiful!!! I love the decor, it lends itself well to the Caribbean feel, the windows help, I suppose, but you've done a great job of decorating it. The rug is so perfect, really lovely!!!Hugs, Cindy

  7. That rug is gorgeous. Great investment. I would hide out in that room with magazines, a book and my laptop all the time…bliss.

  8. What pretty light you have in your living room! And those arched windows… them!! Thanks for visiting my bathroom post, it's so nice to meet you!

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