Last Hurrah

Summer sure is winding down fast isn’t it?

School and flag football practice will be starting soon for us.

And the beaches basically have one more weekend left

 of the official tourist season.

In an effort to do my part to promote our great Jersey Shore

I am reminding all you local people to get down there!

Support all the businesses who have struggled

after Hurricane Sandy.

Things may not be completely back to normal

but they are getting there and need our help!

A couple weeks ago, the kids and I spent a morning at the Seaside Park beach right at the foot of the famous boardwalk.  We attended an event called Kites and Castles sponsored by the Stronger Than the Storm committee.  It was a wonderful family event held right on the beach.

Check out this awesome sand sculpture.
I made it.
Only kidding!
But we did attempt a few of our own.

The event coordinators provided shovels, buckets and some instruction on how to build a perfect castle.  Unfortunately, we just missed the instruction part so we were basically on our own!

(I bet the woman in blue would be thrilled to know I caught her in such a “flattering” pose – lol!)

The kids and I also had fun with the beanbag toss game.

But we passed on the homemade kite event.
The wind wasn’t really strong enough that morning
although I see one person got it to work!

Overall, it was an enjoyable morning for all!

The Kites and Castles events took place in several shore towns during the month of August.  Some people in New Jersey criticize the “Stronger than the Storm” slogan and don’t think enough is being done to help in the Hurricane rebuilding efforts.  I think it is wonderful to promote our beaches and to get people down there to help the local economy.

So I thought I would do my part
and remind everyone
to head to the Jersey Shore this weekend
for one last hurrah!

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Agreed, one of our favorite vacations! I have not stayed at new jersy and it was fun to experience it here! What a great city, isn't it? One of my favorite spots to visit with kids.MDF Boards

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