Kitchen Storage Dilemma

At the moment, I am elbow deep in kitchen organization.

As you can see,

 some of the glasses that were stored in the back of a cabinet

 have gotten a little dusty.

I don’t know if I am more horrified with myself at the moment

for posting for the world to see this.  

Or if I am more horrified at myself

for letting a bunch of margarita glasses go unused

 for such a long period of time!

Either way, I am on a kitchen cleaning/organization frenzy!

This cabinet up above my microwave is in the middle of a “cleaning demolition” at the moment!  The bottom shelf has become a dumping ground for pens, crayons, scissors…all kinds of junk.  There are things in there that really don’t belong in the kitchen… But today I am tearing into the cabinet and getting things back in order.  

But as I am cleaning,

and discovering that many of the unused glasses have gotten dusty

I am wondering how most people store their glasses.

I store mine right side up.

These everyday glasses get used constantly.

I have been to some homes that store glasses upside down 

and sometimes I question the cleanliness of the glass rim.

Maybe they have shelf liners that they keep very clean though…

Who knows…

But maybe people question the cleanliness of mine

being right side up…

Either way, I was wondering…

How do you store your glasses?

Now that I have stalled enough,

I am back to cleaning…

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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  1. I store them right side up, but my margarita glasses are used so much that they never get dirty. LOL!!!I love to organize and feels so good afterwards.

  2. I store my glasses the same way. I am so jealous of your cleaning everything out. I need to do this. Keep going!

  3. The ones we use all the time I store right side up. The others are generally upside down. However, I have ALOT of dishes and glasses, actually have a dish room in this new house, so when I set a table for guests I always wash the glasses. Say hi to ROSEBUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO, pinky

  4. I store mine right side up but I frequently have to pre-wash glasses before I use them, unless they're the everyday glasses. It's a shame that your margarita glasses aren't getting used more frequently. You might want to focus on that and let the cleaning/organizing slide 🙂 Actually, I need to reorganize several areas in the kitchen so you're making me feel guilty!Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  5. Bad bad girl. I hope you had a margarita tonight to apologize to those glasses 🙂 I store mine right side up as well. Which means I should probably add cleaning the bar glasses to my list.

  6. I store mine right side up, cheers to crossing projects off your spring cleaning list! 🙂

  7. I've always stored mine right side up.. I wish I had more kitchen cabinet space.. I really need to go through what I do have and scale down. Half of what is in them is never used! Good luck! Robyn 🙂

  8. I do face down… I think dust can't get inside that way.. No worries I think we all have glasses that collect some dust! 🙂

  9. I store mine right side up. If I have glasses or pitchers that I know in wont use for a while, I put plastic wrap over the tops.

  10. I store mine right side up. If I have glasses or pitchers that I know in wont use for a while, I put plastic wrap over the tops.

  11. I Store Mine right side up But My favourite part of my job is when my clients see their kitchen or cabinets turn from drawings into reality. 😀 Glass Food Storage Containers

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