How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Coming Along?

Now that we have finished the month of January,

I thought it would be fun to evaluate how I am doing

with my 2014 Goals!

 Home Improvement/Decorating Goals:


The Kitchen – no progress yet – except if you count all the inspiration photos I pinned on Pinterest – (Kitchen Board)!

The Kids Bathroom – umm, nothing yet.

The Laundry Room – well, since that room has been filled with wet boots and snow clothes for the past few weeks, I haven’t even attempted any projects in there.

My Office – ok, here we have some progress!  Although, I actually took one step forward and two steps back! 

I organized my shelves with new Pottery Barn baskets…

But had to throw out my two palms due to spider mites!


Now I have to do something with those corners!

And I would have had something very exciting happening today if there wasn’t an ice storm.  My plantation shutters are ready – but the installer had to reschedule to next week!  Boo hoo!

Get Rid of Stuff –  I have done really well here with donations and just throwing things out.  I’m still working on this though.

Overall Blog Goals:

Social MediaI have been spending way too much time on Instagram, but I only post here and there on Twitter and Facebook. 

Giveaways – none yet, but I did do a review/makeover of GE Light bulbs – HERE.

Comments – I still haven’t been able to reply back right away.  I still have to work on that one.

Frequency – ok, so I am blaming all the snow on this one!  Having the kids home from school so many days is really cutting into my blogging time!

Photography – well, I haven’t exactly pulled out that new camera…but I have improved some of my pictures with that fabulous new app –!

If you haven’t tried this yet, you must! 

I hope you don’t get as addicted as I am!

Personal Goals:

Exercise – I swear, I have been meaning to do this!!!  Does emptying the dishwasher count?  Ughh..I know, I know…I really have to make this a priority!

Computer- YES!  I have finally mastered the new computer and have gotten comfortable with Windows 8.  I don’t love it, but I can handle it now.  I just need to move a few more files from the old computer and this goal is complete!  Woo hoo!

Family – Well, my husband and I went out to dinner Saturday but it wasn’t alone.  We really needed to see our old friends though, so I think this counts toward date night. 

As far as family time goes…with all this snow, we have had plenty of bonding time through board games, crafts and plenty of snow ball fights!

And Rosie always manages to get in on the action!

Travel – oh I wish!  Does walking to the mailbox count?  We haven’t planned anything yet but are thinking about a getaway to Vermont over the next month or so.  We haven’t decided on our annual summer trip but are considering a long weekend in Newport, Rhode Island.  I think with the possible kitchen renovation, we won’t be able to do a Caribbean trip this year.  🙁

So, I haven’t accomplished a huge number of things from my original goal list but we are only a month into the new year.  I can’t possibly do them all at once – I want to at least save some for other months!

How are your 2014 goals coming along? 

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  1. That is one cool looking app! I will have to try it. You have some great goals ahead of you. Me I'm just trying to stop being glutened. This time I did it to myself. I've spend the last week in a fog.

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