Here’s Where I Fail

Yesterday I wrote about how I save time.

And although I can be very organized and completely time managed in some areas of my life, I definitely fail in others.

One of my downfalls is when it comes to making decisions on house projects!

Sure, I have all kinds of ideas.

Just take one look at my Pinterest boards and you will see that I have plenty of inspiration.

Like most of us, I have a very clear understanding of what I like and don’t like.

One problem is that I like too much!

Also, I have a problem focusing on one area of my home.

There have been times on my blog when I have asked you for your advice on something….and then instead of tackling the project, I move onto another one!  Here are a couple examples:

Windows and Advice Needed

This post was written October 17, 2011!  Yes, 2011….Have I added plantation shutters like I had talked about?….No.

And I have yet to change my builder grade fireplace to a stone one…

It’s not that I don’t value the opinions of all you talented bloggers out there, it’s just me.  I can’t commit sometimes so I move onto something else!  Organizing a closet or a cabinet is so much easier for me, plus it is a way to get instant gratification on a project!

There have been times, when it appeared I was going to commit – like when I made a whole design board for my office – Office Inspiration from Ballard.  Have I started on that room yet?  No.  I haven’t even replaced the carpet with hardwood floors which I also babbled on about a few months ago!

I also haven’t even finished the Laundry Room tweaking although I was SO close on that one!

I realized I better get started on some of these past projects before I start dreaming about new ones.  I almost wrote a post today about how I want to change my kitchen.  Yes, I had a painter come in the other day to give me an estimate on painting the cabinets.  She is supposed to get back to me and then I will have another whole list of decisions I have to make.  I know, pathetic.  I think I must lack some kind of decision making skills.

I just have to focus and not get so caught up in too many things at once.  I do it with my blog sometimes too.  I always read all your comments and try to respond back with emails and visits.  Then I get caught up reading your blogs, drooling over all your talented decorating and laughing over your entertaining writing.  Before I know it, I forget who I actually responded to and who I didn’t!

Today, I made the decision.

I am going to get moving on some of those projects listed above!

This morning I called the hard wood floor installer and he is scheduled to stop by Friday morning to give me the estimate to install the floors AND to paint my office!  I am 99 percent sure which floors I am buying so as soon as I get squared away with the installer, I will order the floors and start working on that room!

Let the projects begin!

Do you have problems focusing on one area of your home?  I know some of you will answer no because I see you plow through projects all the time!

What about the rest of you?

What holds you back from decorating your home?



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  1. It is hard to focus only on one room at a time. Since I just finished up my kitchen for now (perhaps I will be doing other things to it soon), I also am working on another guest room at the same time. I am actually using chalk paint so it is not turning out like I thought it was. However, I am sticking with this project and not moving to anything else. I agree sometimes it is not easy to focus on one project at a time.

  2. I think maybe you're being a wee bit too hard on yourself! 🙂 Maybe if you focus on one room and stick with it until it's done, then move on to the next room! Sometimes when you have too many projects in different rooms you get overwhelmed, at least I think I do… All your energy goes to one room and things seem more manageable!

  3. I am a "doer" and hate to wait once I get an idea. But, sometimes life gets in the way and I wait and in the waiting time I totally change my mind. It tells me that sometimes I need to take some time to really think through projects.I hope you stick to your plan and get some of your projects done.

  4. You are perfectly normal…lets get that out front right away! I do the same exact thing! I'm glad to see you are going to finish a project though so you can say you did! My problem is the same except that my son is a builder so I am always getting estimates and dreaming but then I know he doesn't have time, etc… so it sits on the back burner! Also, I hate the hassle factor! I don't want to be inconvenienced anymore! I think it's my age! No matter…can't wait to see your progress! Hopefully I will have some to show soon as well.

  5. Oh, my gosh I jump around from project to project! In order to actually get it finished I have to announce on my blog the day of the reveal! 🙂

  6. I so agree, and never feel like I ever quite finish any room in my home before starting another…you're in great company!!

  7. Goodness, I think I could have writen this post! I am the same way. So many things I want to do in my home but yet…..havent even started yet

  8. You are absolutely right! When there are so many options available and you like them all, how can anyone be expected to make a decision??? It can be paralyzing.

  9. I think you might not follow through with your decorating plans because you're a perfectionist. (and, I don't mean that in a bad way!) I do the same thing… If I can't do it right, I won't do it at all. Good luck with your office! I'm sure it will look amazing when you're finished.~ Wendi

  10. I'm a little like too. Once you get going (like you are now) I'm sure everything will be perfect and gorgeous!Stacy

  11. I have the same issue. But I think what holds me back is the thought that once its finished, I second guess myself about the choice(s). That scares me and I end up in design paralysis.

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