Filing Cabinet Shopping

I need to break away from all my kitchen planning and get moving on some organization in my office!

I am in the midst of working on a school event for March and the piles have started everywhere!

Sure, I might have storage baskets

And believe me, these baskets have helped so much

with everyday papers.

But I also need a filing cabinet!

Or at the very least – a table to put this printer on!

I bought the printer a few months ago because I was tired of running upstairs to print from my husband’s office.  What a difference it makes having it close by.  Why did I wait so long?  But it just can’t sit on the floor like that.  It makes the room feel sloppy and unfinished.

I think a nice, white filing cabinet would be perfect in this space.  Here are a few I am considering.

The Pottery Barn Bedford…

Pottery Barn


Home Decorators – Oxford

Home Decorators Collection


Home Decorators Oxford with Pull-Out Shelf

(the shelf might be helpful when the papers come off the printer)

Home Decorators Collection

I know, they all look similar.  The Pottery Barn one is more expensive but it does come fully assembled which is a plus.  I just know I want a white wood one.  Since the cabinet will sit next to my bookshelves, it makes sense to go with white.

Then again, I think I have seen enough white lately…

Yes, this was the scene at my house a few minutes ago.  Another snow storm, another snow day…when will it end?

What’s the weather like in your area?

Or if you are sick of talking about this crazy winter weather…

What kind of filing cabinet/system do you use?


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  1. This storm missed us…we only woke up with a dusting. I love the winter but I had enough snow for this year!

  2. As much as I try to go mostly paper-free, I couldn't live without our filing cabinet – love the ones that you found! And yes, I am so, so sick of the snow. Our girls have only had three full days of school in the past three weeks. Crazy!

  3. We have a much-needed snow day here today! Only our second one of the season. We've had several delayed openings, however. I purchased our file cabinet from Home Decorators. I've had it for several years, and it works just fine. It was much cheaper (if memory serves) than PB, and the quality is good.

  4. I live in the Deep South. Temp right now is 37F. with high today in the 50s. And sunny. We get excited down here when we have a snow day. Doesn't happen very often. I love both of your file cabinet choices. But the PB version only has one file-size drawer. If you have a lot to file this might not be the one for you. The pull out shelf on the Home Decorators cabinet might come in handy.

  5. For me personally, I have a great built in file cabinet in my desk area off the kitchen, in the sunroom…we have a metal one in the closet in my hubby's office….I love the bedford cabinet…does Ikea have one?….Still cold here…icy conditions.

  6. My Office is in terrible need o organization! I need a push thought this Winter has me singing the blues!

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