Donating and Recycling in the New Year

I mentioned in my 2014 Goal List 

how I will be getting rid of things

that have been piling up in my basement over the years.

So far, I have scheduled a pick up from the Lupus Foundation for tomorrow.  They accept a wide variety of used clothing and household goods.  They also make it so easy with their online scheduling.  You just leave a pile outside the garage or front porch and they haul it all away!

If you have kids, you are probably like me and have a bunch of old ripped jeans accumulating in your closets!  Half the time my boys get a hole in the knee even before they outgrow a pair.  I just can’t allow myself to throw the jeans in the garbage and add to all the landfills and I don’t want to donate ripped clothing.  But I have to do something with these ripped things.

Awhile back, I got on the email list for Blue Jeans Go Green which is a company that recycles denim into insulation.  Whenever a retailer sponsors a denim collection drive, I get an email.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a retailer close by so my denim has just been piling up.

I just received another email today informing me that a store called Fresh Produce is collecting denim through the end of January.  They are also offering 15% off a new denim purchase when you bring in old denim to be recycled.  If you have one of these stores near you, you might want to pull out some old jeans and bring them in!  Since those stores are nowhere near me, I just have to wait for the next collection or mail the jeans in myself.  With my huge pile, I can’t even imagine what the shipping costs would be though.  I am hoping a major retailer decides to sponsor a collection drive in their stores!  Hey GAP or Target – how about you?!!

This week we are also bringing our Christmas tree to the recycling center to be cut up into mulch.  It’s so funny to see the huge pile of trees when you go to drop one off.  The kids love coming with us…oh the little things that make them happy!

Anyway, that’s what I am getting rid of this week.  So far, so good on the execution of these goals!

Have you donated anything this week?

I would also like to state that I am not being compensated in any way to mention the above companies.  I just wanted to share the information with you!

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  1. I just had the Vet's pick up last week. I currently have an open box in my dining room and when I see something that I am done with, I put it in the box.

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