A Different Perspective

Do you ever get so used to seeing something in your house,

that you don’t even notice it anymore?

Then when you actually change things around,
it can feel like you bought something new.

That’s how I felt a couple weeks ago

 when I moved some things in and out of the living room – HERE.

But even after I moved everything in place,

I really wasn’t sure if I would keep it that way.

Then recently, I was using the dining room table

 as my “desk”

while working on all the final details for a school function.
Normally, my computer is on the kitchen counter

but with all the projects and paperwork I have spread out,

I needed to move to a place where I had more room.

It’s not like we really use the dining room, I am sad to say.

We eat in there for a couple holidays
and maybe once or twice the rest of the year.

But as I sat at my computer,

I looked around and viewed my house in a different way.

Sure, I had to get past the projects all over the room…

But I realized that I like sitting by this window

and don’t do it enough.

Then I looked across the foyer

(and past my brassy, desperately in-need-of an-update door hardware)

into the newly arranged living room.

I realized this was the first time

I really appreciated that room from this exact angle.

And even though I second-guessed myself when I rearranged that room,

I can honestly say, I like it better now.

Sometimes a different perspective makes all the difference.

So, if you are hesitating about rearranging something,

just give it a try.

You might surprise yourself!

Have you moved any furniture around lately?

Today I am linking to:

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  1. Shelly, you have a beautiful home. We have brass hardware also and I like it. All the people changing everything will have to change again in about 5 years to keep up with the trend. Brass is classic and I don't feel out of step, in the least. That window in your dining room is really lovely. I can imagine how nice it would be to spend time in there.———-Shannon

  2. Thanks girls. You are probably right about the brass being classic. I guess I get caught up in trying to keep things updated sometimes. I think the reason the hardward in my foyer bothers me so much is because the front doorknob is a little scratched and is kind of basic. I am sure it would be much cheaper to just change that one door then update the whole house to brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze!

  3. Hi Shelley! Your home is lovely from every perspective! But, I totally understand what you are saying and find myself doing that in my own home as well. I think it helps us appreciate things more when we see it from another angle as well. Oh, and I have brass hardware in my house too! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week,Vanessa

  4. A lovely redo – and yes – a simple rearranging can make a refreshing difference – thanks for sharing!Happy Sunday -Lindabeachside cottage

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