I have mentioned before that I have never missed an episode

of The Bachelor or Bachelorette!

I know, that sure is something to be proud of!

What can I say, those shows are a fun escape for me!

And speaking of fun escapes…

did you happen to check out last night’s episode

where Emily traveled with her final three guys

to the island of Curacao?


What a beautiful island!

I am quite shocked that after all my years of traveling to the Caribbean,

I never looked into staying there!


Well, let me state right now

that I have added that island to my list!

Recently, Conde Nast Traveler named Curacao as a 2012

honeymoon hotspot.

And I can certainly see why!

Emily and the guys stayed at the lovely

Kura Hulanda Lodge and Beach Club

The views from the resort look spectacular!

And I love the simple but elegant feel of the rooms.

via small luxury hotels of the world

The hotel website is even offering a special

“Bachelorette Package”

for those crazy people who want to relive Emily’s dates there!

(No, I didn’t make my reservation…yet!  LOL!)

But it does look like a beautiful place to stay

both inside and out!

Now as far as the show goes…

Let me begin by saying that I completely understand why

she was attracted to all 3 guys.

They seem like genuinely nice guys,

are so sweet

and quite hot, I might add.

I had been rooting for Sean from early on,

yet I always felt he was a bit guarded.

Recently, Emily has been saying

how “perfect’ Sean was.

Well, on that show “perfect” can be the kiss of death.

It basically means, you know the guy could be perfect

in your head…

but not in your heart.

Last night’s interaction between them seemed a little forced

so I was pretty sure the adorable sweetie was next to go.

And back to Texas he went!

But I guarantee he will be asked to be the next Bachelor!

I just hope he says yes!

I have also liked Arie since the beginning.

He is funny, yet sweet

and seems to know what he wants.

And for some reason he has gotten even better looking

as the show goes on.

Maybe because early on during that acting date

he looked like John Travolta in drag…

But now all tan and happy,

he is adorable.

And Emily just can’t stop kissing him.

I liked Jef early on too

but didn’t realize how much Emily liked him at first.

I must admit that crazy hair of his kind of distracted me.

But he is just so funny and well spoken.

I really enjoy listening to him talk.

I like the fact that he is sweet yet confident.

When they were in Prague playing with those puppets,

I think I actually fell in love with him!  LOL!

He still seems a little young and unpredictable,

yet I think she will choose him in the end.

She really lights up when she is with him!

And what was with Chris Harrison

in his discussion with Emily before the rose ceremony?

When Emily tells him she feels sad,

he cocks his head to the side with a fake look of concern

and says, “Really, why is that?”

Like he has no idea that she could feel bad

about breaking someone’s heart!

So silly.

I guess I have never gotten past him being the host of

Designer’s Challenge on HGTV!

Didn’t you just love that show?

I wish they would bring back more decorating shows on HGTV!


that’s my recap

of the hotel

and the show…

Did you watch it?

Have you been to Curacao?

Have a great day!

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  1. I watch it every week, too. I did love that show and yes, bring it back. They cancel all the good ones.

  2. I am not following the bachelorette this season but I would seriously love more quality decorating shows on HGTV! xo

  3. Haha, I'm not even watching it right now, but I still really enjoyed your recap and predictions. Now that I feel all caught up, maybe I'll tune in for the last few episodes! 🙂

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