Coincidence or Just In Sync?

Have you ever taken a break from working on a post and decided to read some other blogs for a few minutes?  

Then, while scanning through some other blogs you discover that someone just posted something you were writing about!  

It has happened to me before and I then I felt silly publishing the same type of post on the same day.  

You don’t want to look like you copied their idea,
yet you don’t want to not post something you were working on…

After all, we are

reading eachothers ideas,

looking at a lot of the same inspirations, 

commenting back and forth…

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. 

Maybe we are just so in sync with eachother that sometimes we start to think alike! 

So, where am I going with this you ask? 

Well…do you have any “psychic” moments,
 or you just have too many coincidences in your life? 

Well it happens to me…a lot. 

So I thought for fun,
I would tell you some funny and strange things that have happened to me. 

See if you think they could just be coincidences

 or if something “more” is happening in the universe…

A few months ago, I posted a recipe for Avocado Mango Salsa – HERE.  As you can see, I had some comments and one was from Jolie from Shopping Candy for My First Home.  Go check out her great blog!
Anyway, you might have seen the comment she wrote me:  “I had the weirdest dream the other night, I dreamed there were two mangoes, 2 avocadoes and 1 lime sitting on a table and I grabbed them and put them in a bag and ran off with them.  LOL.  When I saw your picture of them sitting there on the table I thought, so THAT’s what I’m supposed to do with them!” 

I had been in the middle of writing down a few coincidences for a post at that time so I thought that was quite funny!  Of course, I am finally getting around to posting them…

Here are a few more “coincidences”…

Recently, I was on my way to the mall to replace my MAC eyeliner.  I always buy it in Macy’s yet on the way there I had a quick picture in my mind of myself buying the eyeliner in Bloomingdales.  I ignored the thought and went to Macy’s.  I had to wait for two people ahead of me and when it was my turn, the salesperson told me they just sold out of my color.  It wasn’t going to be in for two weeks so she says to me, “If you need it right away, try Bloomingdales.”  Well, needless to say I went there and bought it but I would have saved time if I just paid attention and acted on my previous thought!

Years ago, we were at a college football game with a bunch of my husband’s friends and their wives.  We were sitting down near where the cheerleaders were and they were doing all kinds of pyramids and flips and things.  I said to one of the friend’s wives, “I feel like one of them is going to fall and break their ankle.”  Sure enough, about a minute later, one of the girls from the top fell and had to be carried off because of her foot/ankle!  Too weird.

About two years ago, I was in the waiting room for my mammogram.  Just as they called my name, I saw my old boss from when I worked in a bank about 20 years prior.  I hadn’t seen her in 20 years and really didn’t have time to chat so I just walked in for the mammogram.  I don’t know if she saw me – and probably wouldn’t recognize me so I didn’t give it much thought.  The following year, I was in the same waiting room and I thought about how I wished I had said hello to her and found out how she was doing.  She was probably in her 70’s by now and I wondered if I would ever see her again.  She was always such a sweet woman.  So, I went to the appointment and then at lunch time, took my older son to Panera.  (He was in morning kindergarten then).  Anyway, while at Panera, who do I see but my old boss who I missed seeing the year before and was just thinking about that morning?!!  She was thrilled to see me and we had the chance to sit and catch up for awhile.

Many years ago, I had a dream that a plane crashed into another plane while landing.  A day or two later, there was a news story about a small plane accident where one plane landed on top of another plane.

My good friend passed away years ago – completely unexpectedly.  But a few weeks before his death, I was on vacation in St. Martin and saw two different people who reminded me of him.  I even mentioned to my boyfriend (future husband) who I was with.  He thought the people looked like him too.

A few days after my friend died, I wanted him to give me some kind of sign that he was “around”.  I was walking into my office building thinking this and just then all the sprinklers turned on and I got wet.  Then they went off.  It was pretty amazing.

One day I took my younger son out to lunch and as we were sitting down, I looked at an older couple sitting next to us and just felt like I was going to have some kind of connection to them.  We started chatting because they were commenting on how well my son was behaved (like that ever happens!) and then they asked me if there was a gas station before the entrance to the highway heading North into New York State.  I told them where it was and then asked, “Are you heading to Albany?” – even though Albany was still a couple hours away.  They said yes that they live just outside of Albany!  I then told them that I happen to have friends from a town called, Colonie just outside the city.  They said, “That’s the exact town we live in!”  I even told them the street they lived on and it happened to be right around the corner from where they live!  Then we started talking and realized their son graduated from the same high school, in the same year as my friends and they even recognized one of the names!  Small world – and strange because I just knew I would have some kind of connection to them!

Those are just a few things that have happened over the years and I really need to keep track of them all.  They really do happen to me a lot.  I joke around with my husband and say that I am psychic and he likes to joke back and say, “Are you psychic or just psycho?”  Yes, he thinks he is so funny…

So how about you?

Do your ideas sometimes show up in other people’s posts?


Have you had many “coincidences” in your life?

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  1. wow. really wow. those instances are so cool. I always tell my hubby that I feel things and I think things before they happen.~Tana

  2. So neat when things like that happen… synchronisities if you will. If you nurtured this you could be a professional psychic!

  3. It is a small, wonderful world. Love your stories. Your friend had a sense of humor with the sprinklers. He's in heaven for sure.

  4. Thanks girls, I only listed a few things (didn't want to bore anyone)…but these things happen to me all the time! Maya, Hey maybe I could start a psychic blog! LOL!

  5. Well, as I was reading the last paragraph of your most interesting post, I came to the line, "I joke around with my husband and say that I am psychic…"Instantly the word psycho popped into my head and then I read how your hubby responds, "Are you psychic or just psycho?"Now, I must tell you that I wasn't insulting you, but when I have these things happen to me, I always ask the person I'm relating the "coincidence" to if they think I'm psychic or psycho, lol.I love it when I pick up the phone and at first think I don't have a dial tone, only to find out the very person I was going to call is on the other end. Now, did I send out a vibe that they should call me or do I anticipate the ring and know who it will be already?Interesting stuff, I agree!

  6. I have had that kind of thing happen to me many times. Once, I was driving and just as I started into a corner I thought, I sure hope I don't get a flat tire and two seconds later, flop, flop, I could hear that it had happened. There had been no warning other than the one in my head.Remember many years ago when one of the shuttles was taking off and it was having problems and then it took off? I was listening to that being broadcasted and I thought if they aren't careful that is going to crash. Then it happened, the next thing that they reported was that it had not gone up and had burnt and crashed. I am pretty certain that there was a teacher on board and her students were watching the launch, and saw it explode. Imagine how I felt!Interesting post.Hugs, Cindy

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