Closet Transformation

This weekend we finally added shelves to our mess of a basement closet!  The closet is at the bottom of our basement stairs so it is pretty convenient to the main floor.  I had always planned on adding shelves but instead it became one of those closets where you throw something in then close the door before it all falls out.  In this case, wrapping paper!

The lovely before.

How pathetic!

Am I really showing this to the world?


I started to sort and realized I have tons of wrapping paper!

(Those bins really did a lot of good!)

Wow, I have a lot of gift bags too!

The work begins. I had thought of just adding those white wire shelves but my carpenter (aka husband’s good friend), suggested that he just build shelves since the closet is so deep.

The perfect depth for wrapping paper!

I have so much space now that I added some things!

The perfect space to store tablecloths.

And placements…in addition to all the wrapping supplies.

See that bin on the bottom?

It’s empty – yes I can still add some things!

A quick recap:



Yes, I felt very accomplished this weekend!  Of course, I will probably add labels to everything to make it more professional looking but basically IT IS DONE!

And as we speak…the guys are tearing out the tile in my bathroom and laundry room!  Can’t wait to show you how those rooms turn out!  I don’t think I can handle all this excitement!

What have you organized lately?

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  1. The closet is fabulous. Love how much storage it provides. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  2. Fabulous! I love looking at well-organized closets and it's so great that you can store your rolls of wrapping paper without taking up a bunch of space.

  3. Organization is wonderful! I have a few closets in desperate need of help. You did an amazing job. Do you feel fantastic? I would.Ann-Marie

  4. great job! i am the same way as far as gift bags, i have a ton of them! i never thought to put them in those containers, so i will def. be borrowing that idea! i found you from debbiedo's & am now a follower! i hope you will come by & check out my blog & follow back! allison

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