Cleaning to Stay Focused

The kids are back to school

and I am in full swing planning and orchestrating

an event that I co-chair at school each year.

I have been going non-stop and everything has been running along smoothly.  But after pulling all the supplies out of my basement for the event and filling the dining room with all the paraphernalia, I started to feel overwhelmed.  I think having the clutter around had started to drive me insane.  But really there is nothing I can do about it until the event is all over.

So what makes me feel better when I have all this clutter around?


Cleaning anything.

So while I was in the middle of sorting the supplies, I snagged my nail and used that as an excuse to break away from the disheveled dining room to search for a nail file.  Suddenly, I noticed my glass hurricanes in my master bathroom looked a little dingy.

The next thing I knew,

I had poured out the shells and candles and started scrubbing away.

I would have shown you a real “before” picture instead of just a “during” but I was in a polishing frenzy and wasn’t thinking about a photo op at the time!  (The one on the left was already done by this point.)

As the glass started to shine, I started to feel like I accomplished something.

And when I put them back, I felt a little more relaxed.

Except when I decided

that maybe I need to rearrange some accessories

for more of a focal point in there…ugh…

Maybe I will get to that another day…

At least cleaning somehow helped me focus again…

And enabled me to feel refreshed 

and able to tackle my projects.

Plus the little diversion allowed me

to escape the chaotic mess in the dining room

for a little while too!

Do you clean to stay focused?

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  1. I totally do that too! I clean and putter around to help me focus. Although sometimes it leads me to starting bigger projects! LOL!Vanessa

  2. I find cleaning therapeutic, too, but what I'd really like to do is dive into that gorgeous tub! Lucky girl! Good luck with your big school project.

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