Calypso on the Coast

This weekend, our family joined about half of the state of New Jersey

and headed to the beach for the holiday weekend. 

Although most people in New Jersey would say,

 “We went down the shore.” 

I have always resisted using that ridiculous phrase.

  To me it sounds so, well – Jersey. 

Not that I don’t love my state, because I do,

it’s just I don’t love anything to do with the stereotype of New Jersey.

Having said that, we ended up going to THE stereotypical area

of the entire Jersey Shore – Seaside…

well  – we were in Seaside Park,

 but it is just south of Seaside Heights where they film that “show”.

  Anyway, I thought I would share my weekend with you…

Luckily, we had a baseball game Saturday morning

so there wasn’t much traffic on the Garden State Parkway by the time we drove down.

(Not the case on the way back yesterday – uggh!)

Here is a place we love going for lunch.

Check this out…

I bought it for the name, but it was pretty good!

And what were the kids thrilled to do in their down time?

Watch Spongebob!

We had to spend an evening on the famous Seaside Heights boardwalk.

Luckily Snooki and the gang are away destroying Italy these days…

Here is your typical Jersey Shore cliche.

We did get in some great beach time.

The air temperature was in the high 80’s all weekend…

but the water was a very chilly 62!

My son was just thrilled to play out on the sandbar though!

Where did you spend Memorial Day Weekend?

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  1. We spent Memorial Day at home here in NJ… doing stuff around the house. I am a native NY'er and cannot get used to saying "down the shore" as I, too, think it sounds pretty, well, silly. But then, I don't know the Jersey shore at all, even after 20-plus years in the Garden State I'm still a Long Island girl when it comes to the beaches!Looks like you had a great time — my girls LOVE the Jersey shore. I honestly think those Jersey reality show people are an entirely different species from the rest of us!Cass

  2. Looks like it was a great time. I spent half my weekend in Stuart, Florida which is a little north of Palm Beach and the second half at home in Miami Beach. It was a great long weekend and I really enjoyed it. It went by too fast!

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