Blue and White Accessories – Simple Ways to Style Your Shelves

Ever since I finished painting my bookcases, I’ve started going through my blue and white accessories.  After all, most of us would agree that the decorating is the fun part!

Here is a quick peek at some of the blue and white accessories I added to my bookshelves…

On the top shelf, I added a large blue and white vase which was a wedding present.  The small blue vase was a gift from my mom and the artwork was purchased on our first trip to St. Martin.  For the rest of the pieces, I just added various things I have acquired over the years.  The plant is new and will most likely die soon if I am the one in charge of keeping it alive!

Here are some various books that fit in with my blue and white colors.  The large photo is a picture of the kids being silly in front of the Rum Point sign in Grand Cayman.  The little photo is my darling kitty who lived to be almost 20.  The vase is a gift from my neighbor.  The plate is from an antique shopping trip with friends.

On this shelf we have another plant waiting to die a slow death.  The little blue pitcher is from my dear friend who I have known since kindergarten!  The candle holder is from Hobby Lobby.

These blue spheres were a steal from Christmas Tree Shoppe at $1.29 a piece!

The big shell is from Homegoods.

 This blue and white tea pot was a gift from one of my dearest friends while on a trip to Hong Kong.

And more art from St. Martin,an antique plate and some travel books to remind me that I desperately need another vacation!!!

As you can see, these shelves have come a long way…

Here they are before I painted them Decorator’s White. It was quite a project but I am SO glad I did it!  Since, I’m still in the process of moving things around, stop by Thursday for the full reveal of my home office!

Have a great week!

Do you have any blue and white accessories in your home?

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  1. I can't wait for Thursday's final reveal. Love all the blue and whites… I also have two large bookcases I need to paint white and I have been putting it off, I know it is a daunting task. You are inspiring me! Have a great day!

  2. I love that sweet little birdcage on your top shelf! And of course, all the blue and white items are fab!

  3. Love all of your blue and white pieces. The bookcase is looking terrific and it seems you are enjoying the fun part, styling!

  4. What a nice display and great memories. I have plants waiting to die, too. I think I'll give them away so they can have a better life.

  5. The blue & white in the bookshelves is SO perfect for your vision for this space, Shelley! They look great.

  6. Love all your blue and white and how so many of them have memories attached to them. Good luck with the plants, Shelley! I do not have a green thumb either…~Courtney

  7. Such a pretty collection for your office, Shelley! I love the spheres, I would have never guessed they were from a Christmas shop!

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