Ballard Shopping

Recently I purchased a few items from Ballard Designs!

I had been looking for a shelf or bar…or something to put in our conservatory.  This has been a neglected room for awhile and I am finally getting my act together to decorate in there.

I purchased the Sonoma Bookcase and I am thrilled with it so far.  My husband assembled it over the weekend and we set it up in the back corner of the room.

I have always had trouble with this long narrow room.  The dimensions are 25′ X 13’4″ so when we first moved in, my husband thought it would be perfect to place a pool table right smack in the middle of the room.  The pool table was not a great investment because we rarely use it.  Over the years, this room has just been an overflow room.  Play dates have moved into here, guests wander in here during parties (which is really the only time we play pool) and I hate to say it, but furniture and things I don’t know what to do with end up in here.  Yes, it is sad that such a lovely room is being wasted.  But now I am making an effort to change that.

The room has beautiful views and tons of light.  Most of the time we keep a cover on the pool table to protect it from the sun so I really should invest in some window treatments one of these days.  But honestly, I do like the openness.  It’s not like you really need privacy in here.  Plus, I think I want to change the pool table felt color anyway.

So, part of my plan involves the back of the room.  With the new shelf set up, I think I will buy a pub table and two bar stools to put in front of these windows.  That way the shelf could be used as a server or bar area when we have company.  We already have a seating area on the opposite side of the room which I will show you next time.  (I have a few things piled there at the moment.).  I am trying to decide on the type of pub table though.  I like the look of the pedestal type but since this room is carpeted, I am a little nervous the table could be top heavy and wobbly.  Darn, I wish I could convince my husband to put hardwoods in here!  Anyway, I am still working on that…

So back to the bookshelf.  It went together pretty easily and is quite sturdy.  The only complaint I had was the stickers.

C’mon Ballard, why do you have to put stickers on each shelf!  To remove them, I took a little cooking oil and rubbed it on while carefully scraping the stickers off with my fingernail.  It is a good thing I did not have a fresh manicure!  Can anyone recommend a good method for removing stickers from wood?  

Anyway, I am excited about the shelves and I cannot wait to start filling them up!

And as far as my other Ballard purchases go…

They are already sitting in the garage getting ready to be shipped back.

I ordered two black Grecian urns and BOTH of them arrived damaged!

So annoying.

Oh well, at least my shelf is fine!

Have you done any online shopping recently?

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  1. I love Ballard's, and I love your new shelving unit. I have had a prblem in the past with their stickers as they stuck them on the fronts of a set of dishes. It was so hard to get them off of there. I too have had issues with receiving damaged goods. Oh well, I LOVE their "stuff". Enjoy:)

  2. I too have had issues with stickers – mine were on the bottom if the shelves in my basement bar but it was almost worse because they are hung high enough that they had to be removed :-(. Love your idea and YES – too nice of a room not to use!!

  3. WHAT an awesome room to decorate, Shelley! The windows and light in there are beautiful! Your bookcase looks great (thanks to your nails!) and I look forward to seeing what you do in this space.

  4. Can't wait to see what you do with your new shelves! I have also received damaged items from Ballard's but they were quick to "fix" the problem. Plus they followed up with an extra coupon code:)

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