Avoid Paying Professionals

Sometimes paying for a professional is absolutely necessary.

I wouldn’t dare try anything electrical on my own,

when “we” tiled our floor, we actually hired someone,

and when it comes to any plumbing/toilet issues…

yes, professional  – all the way!

But there are a few things you can do on your own

even though you might think you need to pay someone…

With one of them, I found out the hard way.

 Recently, I noticed a hole in our dryer hose.

Mr. Calypso was really busy that week so I didn’t bother mentioning it to him.

I just called the appliance guy and had him replace the hose.

After all, I didn’t want lint flying out of the hole,

or worse yet – I was afraid that somehow the gas was not ventilating properly.

Anyway, so the guy came,

spent literally 5 minutes replacing the hose.

And $125.00 later, he was done.

Mr. Calypso – not happy!

So then Mr. C tells me

 this is one of the easiest and cheapest jobs you can do.

Now how was I supposed to know that?!!


you buy a new hose for like $5 or $10,

unhook the clamp for the old hose,

then reclamp the new one.

Yes, that is it.  I’m so ashamed…

So, when our dishwasher started leaking recently,

Mr. C says to me, “Oh, you better call someone!”

Well after the last repair bill,

I decided to “look into it myself”

yes, because I am such a dishwasher-fixing expert!

Well it turns out,

 I know a thing or two

 because all I had to do was

push back in the rubber seal at the top

and voila! 

No more leaks!

So the way I look at it, the two things cancelled eachother out!

But then I came out ahead of the game when we recently got ants in our foyer.

Wow – it really sounds like our house is deteriorating doesn’t it?!!


since it seemed like the ants

 were coming through the seal around the front door.

I bought some sealer.

Squeezed it out and re-sealed the whole area around the door inside and out.

(This is a fake shot of me doing it since I couldn’t take a picture and actually get the job done correctly at the same time – I think I need an assistant.)

And guess what?

No ants!

So there you have money wasted on one project,

And money saved on two.

I guess I am ahead at this point!

I think I have become quite the DIYer!  LOL!

What are some quick money saving repairs you have done in your home?


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  1. Pat yourself on the back…way to go! Doesn't it feel great to be able to do stuff yourself. We had to seal our front door because of ants, too, and this weekend we have to do a little electrical in the basement because we need to move the freezer to a different location.

  2. Shelley, I am proud of you! I need to start doing more on my own. I have always relied on my husband, who can do everything. Perhaps I should give more a try too.

  3. Thanks girls! I have learned a lot over the years – especially when I want to save money! Yvonne, I am impressed you are doing your own electrical! Heather, you are lucky to be married to MacIver!-Shelley

  4. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing and linking up to our party.Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl

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