Water Views

It has been raining for hours.
All I see is water everywhere…

I wish I could see this water when I look out the window…

Yes, this was the view out of our window at the Princeville Hotel in Kauai a few years ago.

This is looking out from the room.

Or I would love to see this water view…

This is our balcony overlooking the water at the Hotel Excelsior in Sorrento Italy.

The view looking in the other direction.

Here is the balcony at the Royal Pavilion in Barbados.

The view from Curtain Bluff in Antigua.

Looking out from our room at Point Grace in Turks and Caicos.

Looking out from our dining room at the Regent Palms in Turks and Caicos.

And from the living room.

Looking out from the Frangipani in Anguilla.

View from the Avalon in Grand Cayman.

Now which would I rather see?  This…

Or this?

Are any of these views in your future?

Have a great weekend!



  1. Mimi Sue
    February 27, 2011 / 6:31 pm

    WOW! Have you actually been to all these places? They're just beautiful! I'm looking out my window to bare trees and piles of snow. Can't wait for spring! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Your blog is adorable. Mimi (I was named Mimi by my first grandgirl!)

  2. simpledaisy
    February 28, 2011 / 1:35 am

    I will happily take a vacation to any of those places!!!!!!

  3. kinga @ blueloom
    February 28, 2011 / 8:25 pm

    I love all the islands you have visited. The views are amazing. We are going to sunny California in the spring and hope to get some great views during our coastal road trip from San Francisco to San Diego. One day, we would also like to visit Greece.Anyone considering retiring on the island? 🙂

  4. Michelle
    March 1, 2011 / 1:30 am

    Well, living in New England has been pretty rainy and snowy and dismal these days for sure hasn't it? Your vacation pictures are stunning. Someday I'd love to visit some of those lovely places ;)MichelleNew England Style

  5. Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement
    March 1, 2011 / 2:03 am

    Those are absolutely beautiful pictures! It looks like you get to travel to incredible places. Thanks so much for sharing.Have a great day.Pam

  6. classic • casual • home
    March 1, 2011 / 5:14 am

    Awesome vacations! I could use a little tropical sunshine.Mary Ann

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