Decorating in Island Time

It seems to take me forever to decorate rooms in my house.  In fact, from time to time I may ask you guys for help making design decisions.  I always know what I like, I just get nervous about following through with my ideas. 

I am actually (almost) finished with a few rooms in my house.  Here is my Caribbean- Inspired Living Room.  I would still love to put plantation shutters on the windows and add a couple things here and there but it is basically done.

The couches and tables are from the Ethan Allen British Classics Collection.

The rug is Nourison.

The chair is Ethan Allen but not from the British Classics collection.  I bought it for the curled arms.

Time to spin the globe and pick another island to visit!

If it were up to my husband, our house would still be decorated like a college dorm room with a big TV and white walls.  Basically everything is a negotiation with him, so I better be sure I love what I am buying because I will most likely have to live with it  f-o-r-e-v-e-r!  If something is in good shape, I pretty much have to live with it even if I get sick of it.  In fact, I am still begging friends to spill red wine on the carpet in the conservatory so I can replace it with hard wood!


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